Hawaii was not on my list…

I had been to Hawaii and so had Eric. We thought is was a nice place to visit but we were not convinced it was a ‘must see’ when traveling the world. Our children felt differently. They had heard so many stories about being able to swim in the ocean without wetsuits and how lovely it all was they insisted we stop.   So I said sure. O’ahu it is! 

I didn’t want to be in the city so we found a quiet older condo on the east coast of the North Shore. For our requirements it was fantastic. We bought groceries and made all of our meals. We have only splurged for shave ice, fresh coconut water, macadamia nuts, and chocolate. No ‘excursions’ were made that cost money. We were blissfully happy to walk out front of the condo and swim. Snorkel gear was provided along with boogie boards. We have a rental car and have just enjoyed exploring the island, hiking, swimming, and absorbing the aloha that seems to be infused in the air.

Hawaii has found a place in my heart.   We mostly insulated ourselves and found time to just be. I did not do much yoga asana, but found time to do savasana daily. Savasana is translated corpse pose. To me this means the deepest kind of relaxation. Letting your mind, body and spirit to rest in the place between wake and sleep.

It is the kind of rest I needed after all we have done these past 8 months.



Tomorrow the adventure continues as we take our first international flight. We land in Tokyo at 5pm on a Friday. I am sure it won’t be too busy! 😉  Luckily I thought through that one and booked a hotel at the airport for the first night. The next day we will be ready to organize our JR Rail travel and head to Kyoto. I hope to be able to hold some of the calm peaceful feeling I have right now. A week in Hawaii is good medicine. I will be holding this place in my heart. Mahalo Hawaii for supporting my savasana. 


I hope if you are reading this and you feel like you could use some Aloha in your life….and you can’t quite swing a trip to Hawaii then make the effort to clear a space in your life for some savasana.  Find a time to play some really nice calming music or a background of ocean waves crashing, fire up the diffuser with a lovely calming scent (or a nice candle), find a spot on the floor to lie down (not your bed you don’t want to fall asleep), and allow yourself to just be, to just breathe, to feel your body laying down and resting, let the sound of the ocean and the smell infuse your being.  Allow yourself a moment to just be…. It is not only nice to do, it is necessary and it is one of the most important parts of yogic practice. You have been doing and doing and doing all day no need to practice more doing, practice being…. your body, mind and spirit deserve this kind of care. 


Until next time!!


Stay present,



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