“We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance”
Japanese Proverb



Things I love…

  • Clean air, beautiful green mountains and harmonious architecture 
  • Organization
  • A social contract that requires you are aware how your every action will affect those around you
  • the blend of old and new, elderly on bikes, moms with babies on bikes, and wonderful food…
  • Toilets with heated seats and bum washers!
  • Trendy unique women’s fashion!

Things that are hard…

  • Figuring out which side of the sidewalk I should be walking on 
  • Ordering the food I want without using a picture
  • My complete lack of language skills
  • Feeling like I am breaking some kind of rule every time I turn around





Going International…

As we got on the plane for our flight to Japan I was in the red zone on the anxiety scale. All those months of planning and reading were going to be put to the test. Would we make it through the airport and manage to find our hotel!! Do we have the proper documents? Will we manage to find our way! What in the world are we going to eat!!

Well, my anxieties have been put to rest. Travel in Japan is seriously a breeze.  If you enjoy organization and logic the way Japan is laid out will make your heart sing. The food is wonderful and easy to come by in restaurants or the local 7-11. 

We have seen a few of the temples in Kyoto and managed to take the train to Nara and Kinosakionsen. I won’t bore you with descriptions of how beautiful and amazing everything seems to be, but I will say if you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, DO IT! 


More Pictures and Videos here..  

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Japan Favorites


Spa Hopping

“This sweet little mountain town offers 7 different hot springs to enjoy. They are all within walking distance and there are lovely little shops, pubs, and  restaurants along the way to refresh yourself. Check it out here



Deer and Giant Buddah

“This is most likely the kids favorite place in Japan so far. They are in love with feeding and petting the deer of Nara. I find it a bit annoying to have deer chasing me and pooping everywhere, but once I witnessed the joy and happiness the deer brought the children I got on board. And I love giant the giant Buddha 

More on Nara

RAN Kyoto

Traditional Music Variety show

“We found this gem shopping the Tripadvisor website forums. Although on a Monday night the crowd was  small the artists managed to put on a great show. Leo got up on stage to have a go at some traditional drumming! I loved the flute music. We also learned one instrument was made of ‘cat leather. Yikes!”

Here is a link to more about RAN



Kyoto Sites

“There are so many wonderful sites to visit in Kyoto. We have only scratched the surface and honestly the kids can only handle so many temples. I guess we will have to do it a second time. If I can swing it we will be sure to come back in the fall to see the colors and festivals.”

Here is a great resource for travel in Kyoto

Inside Kyoto


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