It is time to fly.

The past 8 weeks have flown by! In that time we traveled to Colorado to see family, bought a house and moved all of our possessions to Nebraska, had weekends at the lake, drove across South Dakota for a wedding and managed to settle in to our new home and community. It has also been filled with days of reading about traveling abroad, booking and unbooking and rebooking hotel rooms, train trips, guides for driving us and many other interesting travel agent duties. I have had my share of anxiety and sleepless nights over our itinerary and how to make sure we enjoy our travels and remains safe. It is a challenge I have enjoyed on days and resented on other days. Similar to the practice of yoga, setting the foundation takes patience and work, but once you find some solid ground the play and exploration can begin. It is time to fly…




I am ready to travel around the world

So where are we off to first?? 

Check it out…..


The kids are super excited to be kicking off this adventure with a stop in Hawaii. They have dreamed of swimming in ocean water without a wetsuit! We are looking forward to relaxing on the beach, exploring the island hiking trails, and of course some snorkeling. Not to mention authentic shaved ice and kona coffee!

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We had to choose one place in Japan to center our travels and we chose Kyoto. It has so much history and beauty to explore. We will be using the JR Rail pass so we will have the opportunity to explore other areas close by…like the onsens (hot springs) of Kinosaki the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo and the temples of Nara. And the rest of the time we will be roaming the streets of Kyoto and stuffing ourselves with noodles and sushi!!

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We kick off our tour of China in Chengdu where we will visit the Panda Bear Research Center, the Leshan Buddha, and take in a changing faces opera. Chengdu is also famous for its wonderful hot pot meals. Lets see how we do at exploring new spicy foods! In Beijing we will take in the many awesome temples including the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall. We are also planning to see Xian via overnight train and the famous Terra-cotta Warriors.

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REst and REcover

I am super excited about our touring of Japan and China, but I am already looking forward to the rest and down time we have planned in Bali. This is where I hope to energize my yoga asana practice and dive a bit deeper into  history and philosophy. This will be the time to slowly explore and catch up on our school work, writing,  reading, and possibly naps. We plan to spend a majority of our time in Ubud.

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And that will take us up to Christmas Day!

I will do my best to update this blog weekly!!

Please comment below with any questions you have or aspects of travel that you are curious to know more about. I will do my best to answer below or I will write posts to answer the questions you have. I would love to know what you are curious about…

Stay tuned.


Until Next Time….


Stay Present!





4 thoughts on “The Countdown…6 days to lift off!!

  1. What an exciting adventure you and your family are embarking on! I believe your nerves and anxiety are the reasons that you will be so well prepared. And remember that some of the unexpected might just turn out to be some of the best memories. Enjoy the year and I look forward to reading about it all.

    • shaunagolembiewski says:

      Thank you Shelley! Your are right about nerves helping with planning… I am feeling at least like we can make it to the door of our hotel rooms! From there we will see what adventures await us. Thanks for commenting here. 😉 I realized I have to go in and ‘approve’ comments.

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